ZMOT Headquarters Virtual Tour

Welcome to the ZMOT Auto and Cardinale-Group headquarters; a place where we live by the promise that “We Develop Outstanding Relationships Where Everybody Wins.” The tour begins on the exterior of the building, showcasing our logo to the fullest. This trust mark stands for so much more than just a brand; it stands for the values we live by every day.

After walking through the main entrance, you enter into the world of ZMOT Auto, a dealer to dealer investment and performance partner that is part of the Cardinale Group of Companies. ZMOT Auto focuses on integrating and streamlining automotive dealerships’ digital marketing strategies to reach the Zero Moment of Truth.

Let’s Take A Peek Inside ZMOT

The first office you enter is where all the magic happens for ZMOT Auto’s Chief Performance Officer. The CPO oversees the performance of each dealership and builds a customized digital marketing strategy to optimize the dealer’s ROI. You then pass through the ZMOT Auto’s “Social Hub.” This is where creative and intelligent minds collaborate to oversee social media, blog content, video marketing, email blasts, and so much more. You then enter ZMOT Auto’s conference room, a place where there is further collaboration to optimize the Zero Moment of Truth promise. Next is the Marketing Operations room where additional members of the ZMOT Auto team utilize their skills and intelligence to enhance the dealer digital marketing strategies. Then you enter the System Engineering office. The System Engineering Director is the life blood of ZMOT Auto, because without the coding, scripts, platform, etc. there is no Zero Moment of Truth.


When exploring the rest of the Cardinale-Group headquarters you will notice exercise equipment, fast cars, kitchen appliances, another conference room, and more offices. The Cardinale Group of Companies prides itself in healthy living, which is why a Fitness Room is a must. It is pleasant to be able to take a break from work and instead break a sweat. Joe Cardinale, owner of the Cardinale-Group, loves his fast cars. Making your way to The Stable is a must as you have the chance to marvel at high-performance vehicles, including a Ford GT, Ford Mustang GT, and Ferrari. The kitchen offers a great place to store food, take lunch breaks, and get coffee. The main conference room is where the Cardinale Automotive Group and ZMOT Auto hold various meetings, trainings, and conferences. These can range from weekly book meetings where General Managers of local dealerships and Cardinale-Group executives discuss a quarterly book to conferences that are meant to heighten the leadership and personal growth of employees. Throughout the building there are multiple offices for the Chief Operating Officer of the Cardinale-Group, Vice President of Corporate Service, Chief Financial Officer, Finance Department, and Aviation Department. We appreciate you taking a tour through the Cardinale-Group headquarters and hope you have the chance to witness the beauty of our building and the intelligence of our employees in person.


Start at Start Dealership Consultation

Let’s get started on the road to success. At no charge to you, ZMOT’s complimentary consultation includes actionable steps that you can implement in your dealership today to turn both your showroom and digital traffic into actual buyers. Our process was designed with over 40 years of experience owning and operating multiple dealerships and refining every aspect of day to day operation. We’ll conduct a thorough assessment and offer proven strategies for your dealership to improve lead generation and conversion performance without increasing expenses. We’ll answer questions every dealer wants to know but doesn’t know who to ask. Are you ready to Start at Start? Just sign up below, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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