Local SEO and Google Business Listings Should Be Important To Your Businesses Success


How Important Is Your Google Business Listing?

When people perform a Google search, they’ll most likely receive search results based on their location. After all, if someone in New York City is searching for a nearby bakery, search results that include bakeries in Los Angeles and Seattle won’t be helpful. Business owners who service customers in their local area want to be found by people who live in that area. This is why local SEO and a local business listing are so important.

According to Search Engine Round Table, people looking for local information account for 46% of all searches. This highlights why businesses must appear in local searches. Fortunately, Google My Business makes it easy for prospects to find your business and learn important information, such as operating hours, contact information, and directions to your business. Google My Business is free to use and should become part of your local SEO strategy.

Your business’ Google My Business listing should be complete, accurate and optimized for local SEO to produce the best results. A local business listing that’s working properly can make a big difference in both the number of visitors to your website and the amount of foot traffic to your dealership.

We’ll cover the benefits of using Google My Business to boost your local presence.

A Local Business Listing Helps Gain Customers’ Trust

Every business runs on the trust of its customers. Consequently, business owners must do everything possible to instill trust in prospective customers. One of the easiest ways to do this is to show customers that your business has a physical location. Additionally, when your business appears in a local search, it creates trust. Studies have shown that businesses that appear on Google are nearly three times more likely to be considered reputable.

An Important Part of Local SEO is Google Maps

When consumers search for a local business, one of the most important aspects they consider is the proximity to their location. Google Maps is the most popular platform used by consumers to look for nearby businesses. A search for a particular type of business will show local companies that meet the search criteria as red markers. When a business creates a Google My Business listing, it will begin to appear in local searches. It’s easy to see how this can be a valuable asset.

Google Business Listing Are Part Of The Local 3-Pack

Google Business Listing Help

Google’s Local 3-Pack is a boon for local businesses. The 3-Pack is displayed conspicuously at or near the top of the search results page and provides a range of information about a business, including the address, phone number, map location, open/closed status, ratings and number of reviews of three businesses Google has determined are the best solutions to the search query. It allows one-click access to the business’ website, driving directions or a direct phone call.

Businesses that appear on Google’s Local 3-Pack get 700% more clicks than those that don’t. Consequently, many businesses are eager to appear in this highly sought-after space.  While many are trying various SEO methods to achieve this goal, creating a Google My Business listing will increase the chances of a business being included in the Local 3-Pack.

Local SEO Helps Increase Relevant Traffic

Creating a Google My Business listing will help your business boost traffic to your website and into your dealership. According to Google, businesses with a Google My Business listing receive 70% more visits from prospects. Other statistics show that when potential customers find a business through its Google My Business listing, there is a 50% increase in the likelihood the prospect will make a purchase.

We’ve touched on some of the main benefits of creating a Google My Business listing, and the advantages continue to grow.


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