What is Automotive Digital Marketing? Do You Need It?

Automotive Digitial Marketing In A Nutshell

Today’s marketing landscape has changed substantially in recent years. Auto shoppers are no longer tuned in to traditional advertising channels such as TV commercials, radio spots and billboards. Modern consumers are now online and connected wherever they go. It’s easy to see why automotive digital marketing is vital in this new landscape.

According to one study, digital marketing is more profitable than traditional advertising, with the old media bringing in $1,702 per vehicle, compared to $2,514 for digital marketing. For this reason, a dealership will typically turn to an automotive digital marketing agency to increase foot traffic and sales.

We’ll go over the components of an automotive digital marketing strategy and explain what it’s all about.


Search Engines Are Part Of The Digital Marketing Landscape
The results of a recent study show that 30% of consumers begin their car-buying process with a search engine. This underscores the importance of a dealership’s online presence, including everything from web design to social media. Customers must be able to find your dealership in search results, so a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is a must. An automotive digital marketing agency can provide a complete SEO strategy that features several components, including the dealer website, keyword optimization, link building, pay-per-click campaigns, high-quality content and reputation management.


Mobile Devices – Automotive Digital Marketing Has Never Been More Important Than Now
The age of the personal computer is giving way to the era of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. This means your digital marketing efforts must be optimized to be read on mobile operating systems. A website that doesn’t display correctly on a mobile device will result in the consumer abandoning the site in favor of the competition.

Consumers are using mobile devices for more than just initial research. According to Cars.com, approximately 63% of auto shoppers use their smartphones for inventory information, price, offers and payments while they’re inside a dealer’s showroom. All this goes to show that in addition to doing preliminary research, auto buyers are using their mobile devices throughout the buying cycle, making automotive digital marketing more important today than ever before.


Email Marketing Is Not Spam
A well-designed email marketing campaign can be an effective tool for automotive dealers. Research indicates that 35% of consumers looking for a car want to receive email that’s relevant to their interests. Approximately a third of the respondents said they would click on a link in an email if it contained information about a vehicle’s model, style or color they were interested in. Conversely, the study showed that if a dealership sends out an impersonal email that didn’t address their needs, 23% would be less likely to visit that dealer’s website. About a third of all the respondents said they would feel resentful or irritated toward the dealership. An automotive digital marketing agency can utilize specific