Erich K Gail – DD19 Keynote Presentation “Apply the C x A = R Formula to Increase Closing Rates, Unit Sales and Net Profit”

Erich K Gail – DD19 Keynote Presentation “Apply the C x A = R Formula to Increase Closing Rates, Unit Sales and Net Profit”
Posted November 25, 2015 by admin

Become more familiar with the ‘C.A.R.’ model of our business and discover compelling insights and immediate-actionable-items which will provide recurring gains in unit sales, transaction gross and net profit.

Learn from the #1 highest sales volume e-Dealer. Erich K. Gail, CEO of the Cardinale-Group of Companies, lets us in on his companies’ dealer-first strategy and focus with a management-driven culture. This enables ZMOT Auto techniques to be fully utilized without ridiculous amounts of spend. Using a CRM as a nucleus, having the right tools, phone skill mastery, continuous training and a strong commitment to zero moment retail are all things that together make up a succesful dealership group.

Hard work and good character from team members are a necessity to obtain the best results. When someone works for a dealership, they must understand that that dealer has invested in them and the expectation is a return on investment. Discover how to align the purpose and mission of a Group / Region / Store and more. You will learn how to define success mapped by Management-Driven goals. You will also gain insight as to how to develop a Brand-first / ROI-centric integrated marketing strategy

Having narrowly survived the black swan events of 2008-2009, the Cardinale Automotive Group underwent an internal transformation; focusing the entire organization to a Management-Driven vs. Market-Driven philosophy. The direct result of this commitment produced a call-to-action wherein each leader, manager and associate accepted 100% responsibility for their individual and collective performance. One Team = One Direction. In 2011, the Cardinale Automotive Group made the investment of time and resources to send members of their Sr. Executive team to Digital Dealer 11 in Las Vegas, NV. Erich Gail and the Cardinale executives sat in the front-row of every session they could attend, scribing volumes of notes, graphs, metrics and connecting with every thought leader they could.

According to Erich:
“Our attendance to Digital Dealer 11 ignited within our group a passion and desire to be the leading digital retailer in North America. We continued to study, learn, ask questions, grow and push ourselves each month and each quarter. We committed to attending DD12, DD13, DD14, DD15 and so on. Regardless of the location, we have not missed a Digital Dealer since our very first one in 2011.

Fast forward to 2015 and we have evolved our entire automotive group to now possess one of the most desired fully-integrated digital retail strategies in North America. The results of our strategy and in-store performance process have provided continued growth for us from a brick and mortar retailer in 2011, to the #1 highest sales volume e-Dealer for 2018in North America (Wards Auto eDealer 100).

The transformation of our Group continues to this day, ever mindful of the amazing journey we first undertook at DD11, and how much we’ve learned in the four short years since. We learned our road to mastery at Digital Dealer – and are proud to share of our journey and best practices with the Dealer attendees of DD19 in January.”

Watch the video of Erich K Gail’s Keynote Presentation below: