ZMOT Auto Webinar – Is Your Merchandising Ready For Digital Marketing?

ZMOT Auto Webinar – Is Your Merchandising Ready For Digital Marketing?
Posted September 24, 2016 by admin

With thousands of vehicles to choose from, and more information than ever at consumer’s fingertips, How can you get your inventory stand out from the rest?

Merchandising, Merchandising, Merchandising!

The rise of the Internet has forced dealers to adopt to a higher level of vehicle merchandising. Good merchandising drives visitors; Effective merchandising drives SALES

Many dealerships, however, fail to recognize the gaps in their merchandising. Units missing photos, vehicle description strategy, and days to market and other merchandising KPIs should be assessed and optimized as part of your digital strategy if you want to be truly successful in today’s market place.


  • How to identify bottlenecks in your merchandising process.
  • How to evaluate the search value of your vehicle descriptions.
  • How to reduce your days to market through streamlining the reconditioning process.

ZMOT Auto Webinar

Just in case you couldn’t make it to the live showing, here is a video of the webinar:

About The Presenter

Jennifer Briggs, Director | Dealer Strategy, ZMOT Auto (a Cardinale-Group company)
Ms. Briggs leads Region, Group and Store inMarket Buyer selling strategy through a #DealerToDealer integrated digital retail sales solutions throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Ms. Briggs is an experienced manager and development leader having served in the capacity of Corporate Director, Operations Manager, Sales Manager, Finance Manager, Internet Sales Manager and Marketing Manager within a variety of large privately-held Dealer Groups within the United States. Additionally, Ms. Briggs carries the honor and distinction as a named winner of the 2016 Automotive News 40 Under 40 professional.