Bobbie Herron Workshop Recap – Digital Dealer 21 Conference

Bobbie Herron Workshop Recap – Digital Dealer 21 Conference
Posted September 9, 2016 by admin

Bobbie Herron, Director of Dealer Marketing for ZMOT Auto (a Cardinale-Group company), hosted an exciting workshop at this year’s Digital Dealer 21 Expo, held August 8-10 at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

About the Conference

The Digital Dealer Conference aims to bring the most advanced content found anywhere in the automotive industry to the forefront. It’s no wonder why the overwhelming majority the top dealership groups in the country have continued to attend this conference. Attendees learn how to better use digital marketing and technology to sell and service more vehicles and earn more profit.

About Bobbie’s Workshop

The automotive industry spends over $55 billion a year on advertising to try and catch the attention of someone looking for a vehicle, but often fails at converting those shoppers. This workshop covered why opportunities are not turning into buyers. Internet and general managers can learn how to utilize proper timing and the different types of follow up for calls, emails, and texts for an immediate increase in sales! If you missed this workshop, check out the DD21 presentation below:

Primary Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the source of an Internet opportunity, what it means and how to engage that buyer. Learn how to get a potential Internet buyer to respond to you..
  • Identify the most effective way to handle this and turn the opportunity into a sale.
  • Learn how often you should try to reach out, what the buying cycle is, and what the customer is looking for from you.

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Bobbie HerronBobbie Herron, Director | Dealer Marketing, ZMOT Auto (a Cardinale-Group company)
Bobbie Herron is the Director | Dealer Marketing for ZMOT Auto – in this capacity Ms. Herron leads Region, Group and Store inMarket Buyer marketing through a #DealerToDealer integrated digital retail sales solutions throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Ms. Herron is a skilled retail operator. Additionally, Ms. Herron carries the honor and distinction as a named winner of the 2015 Automotive News 40 Under 40 professional.