ZMOT Auto is Giving Away a Nintendo Switch at Digital Dealer 22

ZMOT Auto is Giving Away a Nintendo Switch at Digital Dealer 22
Posted April 4, 2017 by Bobbie Herron

ZMOT Auto is Your Fully Integrated Investment and Performance Management Partner.

ZMOT Auto is a #DealertoDealer Partner with a full suite of Digital Marketing Solutions integrated alongside Dealership Training and Automotive Management Consulting. We are devoted to helping dealers become better retailers by sharing the knowledge that we have gained through our successes as a premier automotive dealer group. As a matter of fact, we currently own and operate 19 rooftops in the United States and in 2016 the Cardinale Automotive Group earned the distinction of being named the #2 Digital Retailer on the Wards eDealer list. Curious about our history? Learn more about the history of ZMOT and watch the Cardinale Automotive Group testimonial here.

We recognize that there are many offerings for Process and Strategy Enhancements, Digital Marketing and Lead Providers in the automotive marketplace today.  That can make it easy to get lost in adding Shiny New Widgets. Can you identify if those invested dollars work together across all digital consumer touch-points? Are you targeting in Market BUYERS or are you on the 3rd Party “hope plan” buying leads? Reserve a VIP Demo today to learn how a partnership with ZMOT Auto can help you increase vehicle sales and master your marketing spend through a combination of Investment and Performance Management.

ZMOT Auto - A Fully Integrated Digital Marketing and Consulting Agency


Learn More About Our Full Service Integrated Digital Marketing and Performance Management Solutions Here-

What is Performance Management-

Performance Management is where the magic happens. Our success at Cardinale Automotive began when we started at the foundation of our business and built a management driven business model instead of a Market driven one. ZMOT uses this same philosophy when working with our Automotive Dealer Partners.  Performance Management focuses on conversion (Turning Opportunities into Buyers). This is designed to identify where you are right now in each department so that we can implement a growth action plan with a clear start and end in mind.

What does Dealer to Dealer mean? –

Dealer to Dealer encompasses our promise to build genuine and lasting relationships with our clients and our dedication to work alongside the Dealership to offer guidance to improve every department. ZMOT Auto employs a Leadership and Performance team  with a proven background of success in Management positions within a dealership. Learn more about what’s included in this commitment by clicking here.

Looking to Learn at Digital Dealer in Tampa?

Ashley Mabery is speaking at Digital Dealer 22 – Is Your CRM Coming Between You and Your Customers? Get more information and find out how you can win a pair of SnapChat Spectacles here.

Bobbie Herron is speaking at #DD22 – Should You Send That Text? Are You Compliant? #PracticeSafeText – Get more information and find out how you can win a pair of SnapChat Spectacles here.


How do you win the Nintendo Switch? ZMOT Auto has two options for you!

Simply Reserve Your Private VIP Demo Today or Stop by Booth #102 and Say Hello to the #ZMOTauto Team at Digital Dealer. Where is the booth located? Just inside of the main entrance and to the left. 

ZMOT Auto Digital Dealer Booth Location on Map


Ashley Mabery Speaks at Digital Dealer – Is Your CRM Coming Between You and Your Customers?

Ashley Mabery Speaks at Digital Dealer – Is Your CRM Coming Between You and Your Customers?
Posted by Bobbie Herron

Is Your CRM Coming Between You and Your Customers? — Discover the Top 5 CRM Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Client Relationship and Learn How to Fix Them

Digital Dealer 22 #DD22
Room: 17
Thursday, April 13, 2017: 9:30 AM – 10:20 AM


Your CRM is supposed to help you manage and improve the relationship your dealership has with its clients. Would you be surprised to learn that your CRM may be hurting your relationships and causing your clients to break-up with you? Misuse of your CRM is costing you millions in mismanaged relationships. In this session, I will teach you how to identify key problems with your CRM and how you can easily fix your relationships.

Learning Objectives

• Gain insight on the top mistakes dealers make with their CRM, which drive clients away. 
• Learn how to audit your CRM for hidden and often overlooked issues, how to fix them, and best practices to make your CRM work as intended. 
• Gain a better understanding of your CRM and how you can leverage it to build a more loyal customer base.

About The Speaker –  Ashley Mabery

Director | Retail Performance at ZMOT Auto (part of the Cardinale Automotive Group of Companies)


Ashley Mabery is the Director | Retail Performance of ZMOT Auto. In this capacity, Ms. Mabery is responsible for leading retail performance operations through a #DealerToDealer integrated digital retail sales solutions throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Ms. Mabery a 14-year retail automotive sales and marketing veteran having served as a +25 unit per month retail sales associate, BDC/Marketing Director, Internet Sales Director and Sales Manager within a variety of import and luxury manufacturer retail dealer groups within a variety of metro markets of the western United States.

Bobbie Herron Speaks at Digital Dealer – Should You Send That Text? Are You Compliant? #PracticeSafeText

Bobbie Herron Speaks at Digital Dealer – Should You Send That Text? Are You Compliant? #PracticeSafeText
Posted by Bobbie Herron

Should You Send That Text? — Are You Compliant? Is Your Process Engaging? Learn Service and Sales Processes That Work, How to Implement Them into Your CRM, and How to Follow the Law.  #PracticeSafeText

Digital Dealer Conference #DD22
Room: 24
Tuesday, April 11, 2017: 2:30 PM – 3:20 PM


What’s the most effective way of marketing your business and creating opportunities for a sale? You have to be where your customer is so they can find you but once that happens what comes next? We all know that an opportunity doesn’t equal a sale so do you know the most effective way to engage a customer and create an outstanding relationship? You have to live in the space where their attention lies. Literally, in their hands. The average adult spends 23 hours a week texting. You’re probably saying to yourself – We know that. Customers are insisting on texting and so is your sales staff. Is that enough to convert that customer into a sale? Does a sales person know how to handle a text customer, what process to use and why? Are you unknowingly opening your dealership up to lawsuits?

Learning Objectives

• Learn how to be compliant with the texting laws, and what options are out there that add no cost to your dealership and keep you legal. 
• Learn how to engage with a customer who has already been in, and turn them into a sale opportunity VS someone who comes in as a text    “lead.” Should you add video? Does it convert higher? I will show you. 
• Learn how to set your CRM up to identify this customer, when/how to contact them, and how to convert a “text” opportunity into a sale.

About The Speaker- Ms. Bobbie Herron

Director | Dealer PerformanceZMOT Drive (part of the Cardinale Automotive Group of Companies)


Bobbie Herron is the Director of Dealer Performance for ZMOT and is responsible for the creation and implementation of Digital Marketing strategies and conversion best practices for dealer clients. Utilizing market information and cutting edge technology to increase consumer engagement and create targeted in-market buyer opportunities, Bobbie had spent over 16 years enjoying a diverse automotive career and various responsibilities within a retail dealership, including General Manager, before coming to ZMOT. She is a very popular presenter at numerous conferences including Digital Dealer, Women in Automotive and Driving Sales, a guest lecturer at Northwood University, and a named winner of the 2015 Automotive News “40 Under 40.”