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Complimentary Start at Start Dealership Consultation

“We Develop Outstanding Relationships Where Everybody Wins”.

This complimentary consultation includes information that you can implement in your dealership right now to turn both your digital and showroom traffic into actual buyers. During this consultation ZMOT Auto will collaborate with you on best practices for your dealership to maximize both your people and your profits. Improve your process and performance on a targeted level without increasing your expenses. What can you expect to take-away from this conversation?

Answers specific to your store on the questions that every dealer wants to know but doesn’t know who to ask-

  • Are you spending too much on your marketing right now?

  • Do you know if your website is designed to actually convert?

  • In your current set-up how many leads should one person handle?

  • Who should handle what traffic types, how often and how do you pay them?

  • How can you improve your closing ratio right now without spending any more money?

  • Do you have the courage to #StartAtStart and dominate your market in 2020?

Who are we and what qualifies us to be a #DealerToDealer partner?

Take a look at our leadership team (Insert page etc.) to learn more about each of us, our philosophies and our career paths including links to our LinkedIn pages. Don’t take our word for it. Let our experiences and testimonials speak for us.

What does #DealerToDealer mean?

ZMOT Auto is the only Investment Management and Performance Partner in the automotive marketplace that was created from the unique perspective of an Automotive Dealer Group with 22 Active Rooftops within the US. We understand the unique demands and challenges dealers face and offer our guidance, services and solutions the way we as a Dealer would want them to be served to us. ZMOT Auto was built to be the partner that we as a premier automotive dealer group always wanted. As a dealer group, ourselves, we believe in treating our customers the way we would want to be treated as a dealer. ZMOT Auto was built with the dealer in mind at every turn and we give back to the industry the same way dealers gave to us when we decided it was time to #StartAtStart Our Dealer to Dealer commitment means that we are devoted to helping dealers become better retailers by sharing the knowledge that we have gained through our successes and failures as a premier automotive dealer group. #DealerToDealer encompasses not only our promise to build genuine and lasting relationships with our clients but also the dedication to work alongside the Dealership to help to grow and improve every department within an organization. ZMOT Auto employs an Executive Leadership and Performance Management team with a proven background of success in Management and Leadership positions within a dealership. At ZMOT we follow one cardinal rule in every decision we make – “We develop outstanding relationships where everybody wins”. What’s required of you? The courage to invest in your own success.

What does #StartAtStart mean?

Start at Start is designed to create awareness for where you are right now in each department so that you can commit to a growth action plan with a clear start and end in mind. ZMOT Auto was created when as a Dealer Group we realized “We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know”. There are so many options for Business Model Improvement, Process and Strategy Enhancements, Technology Options and Vendor Products on the market today that we quickly realized we needed at Start at Start point. We found that without that information the expenses in a store will dramatically increase but that sales would not follow that trend. This knowledge combined with over forty years of experience owning and operating multiple dealerships allowed us to internally build a Start at Start Informational checklist that guides a conversation which identifies the greatest areas of opportunity for growth. We decided to start at the foundation of our business and build from there with a management driven business model. Our team uses this same philosophy when working with our dealer partners. Start at Start is relative to both the Generation (Opportunities to Engage with Potential Customers) as well as the Conversion (Turning Those Opportunities into Buyers) side of the dealership business model. We share #StartAtStart with our dealer’s as part of our Dealer to Dealer Commitment from one group of dealers to another.

A message from Erich K. Gail. CEO of the Cardinale Automotive Group.

“I’m often asked about the science of Zero Moment Retail…the courage it took…how we learned, developed and integrated a weaponized strategy to transform #CardinaleGroup Automotive operations to the #1 Highest Sales Volume e-Dealer in North America….how we cancelled all 3rd party providers, radio, television, print, mailers, etc….how and why as a Dealer Group we built #ZMOTauto and #ZMOTdrive to serve and support other Dealers as a #DealerToDealer partner. This infographic provides a start-point reference for a conversation we must have with ourselves, our teams, our groups… just stare at it for a moment… if this represents ONE (just one) internet minute, imagine a day / week / month? Think about the pin-point-precision which is now available to us as Dealers using OUR OWN data, on OUR OWN digital real estate, that we OWN, focused on OUR BRAND(S)… now ask yourself… from a position of courage (as a leader) …100% responsible…do we practice a “spray & pray” or “set-it & forget-it” approach to our digital retail strategy? Do we even have a digital retail strategy? What is a digital retail strategy? Do my invested dollars work together across all digital consumer touch-points? Am I actually fishing where the fish are? Am I targeting inMarket BUYERS or am I on the 3rd Party “hope plan” buying leads?? Our challenge each day, and now with the dawn of 2020 upon us is to “Retake OUR Brands”…”Invest our Time and Money to earn and secure inMarket Buyers”…understanding that as the Dealer (we are the investor) and WE RESERVE THE RIGHT….for all and any of you with the courage to pull-back the carpet and “go there” within your operations, you will find a liberating experience unfolding before you, one that will provide you with countless unfair Advantages…remember, “we miss 100% of what we do not ask for”…this transformation is happening in many stores throughout the US, Canada and Mexico – it is VERY EXCITING and a journey I wish for you all…. It’s Go Time!


Start at Start Dealership Consultation

Let’s get started on the road to success. At no charge to you, ZMOT’s complimentary consultation includes actionable steps that you can implement in your dealership today to turn both your showroom and digital traffic into actual buyers. Our process was designed with over 40 years of experience owning and operating multiple dealerships and refining every aspect of day to day operation. We’ll conduct a thorough assessment and offer proven strategies for your dealership to improve lead generation and conversion performance without increasing expenses. We’ll answer questions every dealer wants to know but doesn’t know who to ask. Are you ready to Start at Start? Just sign up below, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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