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What Are Vehicle Listing Ads?

Vehicle Listing Ads

Google Vehicle Listing Ads are a way to advertise your entire inventory to potential customers.  This form of advertising has started become more widely available to dealerships as of March 2022.

Recent statistics by Statcounter show Google has captured over 92 percent of the search market share worldwide. According to Internet Live Stats, Google processes over 99,000 searches every second, for a total of 8.5 billion daily searches. You can see why it’s indeed important for your dealership to maximize the power of Google search results.

Vehicle Listing Ads (VLAs) allow your dealership to promote available new and used vehicle inventory. Having your inventory available at the top of search results enables you to reach customers in the market for new or used vehicles on the Google Search network.

Google VLAs can drive sales through online leads and foot traffic. The search engine giant found that advertisers who supplemented their existing search campaigns with vehicle listing ads achieved a 25% increase in conversions.  Dealerships are able to dominate search results pages with simultaneous Vehicle Listing Ads alongside traditional PPC ads.

How Do Google Vehicle Listing Ads Work? 

When a user searches for a car for sale, Google displays VLAs at the top of the results as options for buying the vehicle. Your inventory can appear at the top of shoppers’ search results pages within your specified geotargeted area. The process is automatic, so the results will always reflect your dealership’s currently available models.

The ad contains a photo and inventory information, including the make, model, trim level, price and mileage.  A location may also be shown depending on where the search was conducted.

When a user clicks on the ad, they’re taken to that VINs search results page on your dealership’s website, where they can learn more and fill out a lead form if interested.

What Are The Benefits of a Vehicle Listing Ads Campaign?

Vehicle Listing Ads

VLAs offer your dealership a long list of benefits. They provide dynamically-generated, highly visible, low-funnel advertising with a high impression share and a low average cost-per-click (CPC). You’ll get higher conversion rates because Google Vehicle Listing Ads take customers to the VIN-specific listing on your site.

Vehicle Listing Ads Display Your Inventory at the top of Google Searches

Google’s vehicle listing ads appear at the top of the search results page. Ads get significantly more clicks when they appear above the organic search results.

Get Traffic From Google Search To Your SRP & VDP Listings 

VLA’s are an effective way to send traffic to your SRP and VDP listings. Potential customers can search your website for the vehicles they are interested in.

Get More Inquiries On Your Inventory

Advertising your inventory directly to shoppers creates interest in your dealership’s vehicles. Get more opportunities to turn shoppers into customers!

Get your inventory on Google Search and increase your business!

Vehicle Listing AdsZMOT Can Help You Sell More Cars with Google Vehicle Listing Ads

More inquiries mean more cars sold. At ZMOT, we can help your dealership add Google vehicle listing ads to your digital marketing strategy.

1. We Create A Flow From Your Inventory Feed To Google Merchant Center (And Help Maintain That Connection While Your Ads Run)

2. We Connect Google Merchant Center To Google Ads And Show Your Inventory On Google

3. When Someone Searches For A Vehicle You Have In Stock, a Relevant Vehicle Listing Is Shown On The Search Results Page (SERP)

4. When A Customer Clicks The Listing, They Are Taken Directly To That Vehicle On Your Website!

ZMOT Automotive is here to assist you with your Google VLA strategy. Our team will ensure the entire setup, execution and maintenance process goes smoothly.

Sell More Cars With Google VLAs

Get more qualified leads with Vehicle Listing Ads

The advantage of advertising on Google search results with VLAs is that you reach customers that are actually searching for a specific vehicle. Google displays the vehicles that match shoppers queries.  As a result, you’ll direct shoppers to the vehicle they are looking for on your site and get more qualified leads.

Capture additional traffic.

Vehicle Listing Ads can help you get more traffic and sales by uncovering new serving opportunities not already targeted with keywords.  Traditional search ads, while effective, rely on guessing which keywords shoppers will use on Google search, and what landing page on your site will work best in conjunction.  VLAs instead match search queries directly to your inventory.

Increase your exposure.

Serve your vehicle listing Ads along with traditional text ads for maximum exposure.  VLAs work great in conjunction with standard Google search ads!

The more of an advertising presence you have on search results pages, the more opportunities your dealership will get for new business.

Save time.

Google VLAs eliminate the need to create ad copy for each product on your website.  Relevant information is take directly from your inventory feed and automatically formatted into an attention-getting ad.

Show specific segments of inventory.

The ads created with your inventory feed can focus on your dealership’s entire inventory, condition (new vs used), among other categories. Inventory is refreshed daily, helping prevent from displaying models that are temporarily out of stock.

Google VLAs are optimized for omnichannel goals.

This new ad format is optimized for online lead capture including forms on your VDPs, phone calls and chats initiated on your site.  Additionally, VLAs can result in more trade-in and credit form completions on site.

We Want To Help You Get More Customers!

We believe it is important to be on the cutting edge when it comes to marketing your dealership.  VLAs can significantly boost your presence where most people are searching for vehicles.  Therefore, we have worked to become experts in setting up and maintaining Vehicle Listing Ads for our clients.  We have undoubtedly raised the amount of traffic these dealerships receive from Google using this new format.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the most modern forms of advertising on Google, contact our team at ZMOT to get more information and get started with VLAs!

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