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It is important to earn and maintain healthy reviews and a strong reputation online because good reviews from buyers provide credibility, greatly contributing to a purchasing decision. ZMOT Auto – Automotive Reputation Management is a different approach to online reputation management for car dealers.

With a focus on an in store experience founded by a ‘Guest in our Home’ service commitment, ZMOT Auto – Automotive Reputation Management places each associate in each department in the optimum position to Earn, Deserve Automotive Reputation Managementand Secure, the ‘Voice of the Customer’.

As we utilize in our owned-Dealerships each and every day, our philosophy is to always bring the most experiential service to the dealer client and their guests. Most customers are happy to review the experience they had at your store, but obstacles can prevent them from doing so. Either life gets in the way and they forget to write a review, they give up because they don’t want to create a username/password, or the email asking them for their review sits in their inbox, taking second place to the more personal and urgent messages that are flooding in.

To make the review process as convenient as possible we have implemented across our ZMOT Auto Clients a VOC (Voice-of-the-Customer) Form to be used in store and in real time. Team members ( in all departments: sales, finance, service, parts, body shop and cashier) are required to provide a Guest in the Home experience and thus request that each and every client guest to take a moment to ‘share their voice’ through completion of a short form during or at the end of their visit. We then secure, catalog, and promote the Voice of the Customer reviews on the open search review sites, including Facebook, Google, CitySearch, Yahoo,, SuperPages, and FourSquare. As a result, the number of reviews and the star ratings increase across the open web. We have found that the “magic number” is between 4.5 – 4.8 with a minimum of 150 reviews. Increased positive reviews will help purify a past series of negative experiences as well as provide an increase in consumer confidence of your store, group or brand name.

The focus of the ZMOT’s Reputation Management ‘Voice of the Customer’ process is the in store culture shift to a ‘guest in our home’ experience for all of your customers. Asking every client sincerely and genuinely to share their opinions and experience creates a culture of servant leadership and gives your team the opportunity to address and correct any customer issues before they become a negative review online. This allows the managers to see in the customers’ own words what they love about your dealership, why they do business with you, and what are areas for improvements. We use this information in our stores to create Why Buy and Value Messaging, Employee Praise Opportunities, Process Improvement Strategies and Training/Coaching Moments.

Reputation Management For Car Dealers