Drive Off Line Visits And Sales

iSite lets you integrate proprietary data, visualize your markets and issue reports. Best of all, the data is automatically refreshed every month, so you’ll always have access to the latest information.

Reach the right Shopper

There are a number of ways to apply this data, such as in-market conquests, garage match data, remarketing campaigns, aftermarket parts marketing and targeting expiring leases.

Benefits of iSite Consumer Solutions include:

  • Understand buying patterns
  • Identify key trends and hidden opportunities
  • Develop targeted marketing strategies
  • Plan future inventory
  • Boost revenues from new and used car sales and service

Our solutions include mitigating the impact of “Dirty Data” on your CRM.

Understand the impact of dirty data

Data to enhance Relevance

Access a number of data points through our purification process:

  • Make, model, body type and technical details
  • Pricing and specification data
  • Owner registration type (private, fleet and rental)
  • Fuel and emissions details
  • Sales channel
  • Geography
  • Owner demographics
  • Vehicles-in-operation/PARC
  • Used vehicle registrations

If your dealership sold 1,000 vehicle units, you can combine the data from iSite with garage match to determine which vehicles a buyer currently owns in order to conquest their household business.

Data to enhance Relevance

objectives of data purification

Generate Consumer Insights

There are countless assumptions about the quality of data in your CRM. Following our Guiding Principles, we purify our lists to ensure the data is always accurate.

We offer solutions that are designed to drive in-store traffic and sales. We can unlock our first party location data and insights to better understand your business, actively engage your consumers through precise location and audience targeting, measure sales impact in the moment, and make smarter forecasting decisions.

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