Review Signals Help Car Dealers

Review signals show Google your site worthy of respect

It’s important to consider your online reviews as part of your overall digital marketing strategy. You may be surprised to learn that recent studies have shown that almost 90 percent of people regard online reviews from strangers as highly as word of mouth from their own families and friends. What’s more, if your dealership has negative reviews, 80 percent of your potential customers will decide to buy a vehicle somewhere else. Reputation management is something your dealership should participate in.

While consumers look at your reviews as a way to decide whether or not to buy from your dealership, Google uses reviews as a signal of local relevancy. This is the reason it’s essential to have excellent reviews as well as a robust reputation management plan.

Ask for positive reviews

If a happy customer leaves your dealership without giving a review, it’s a missed opportunity. Therefore, you must ask your satisfied customers to leave a review. You should also make it easy for them to do it. Remember, if you have a better score and more positive reviews than the competition, you’ll place higher in local searches, and you’ll also attract more customers.

We make the process simple. Our easy-to-use review survey system will increase the likelihood of receiving positive reviews. At the same time, it will reduce the chances you’ll receive negative reviews. What’s more, we’ll respond to the positive reviews for you, which will save you a lot of time.

Respond to negative reviews

Let’s face it, some people are just hard to please. But sometimes your dealership delivered less than a perfect experience. Whatever the reason for the problem, you must respond to every negative review. While your response may not turn the customer around, it lets others know you care, and it shows how you deal with adversity.

We carefully monitor the review sites every day, so if someone posts a bad review, we’ll know immediately. We’ll send you a copy of the review by email and call you to find out what happened. Once we understand the situation, we’ll post a suitable response.


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