PPC and Adwords Bidding On Your Dealership Brand Name

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Why You Should Bid on Your Brand Name in PPC

When considering PPC Bidding you might think bidding on your own brand name is a waste of time and effort when you’re currently ranking highly for the term organically. But there are some excellent reasons why we recommend bidding on your branded keywords. Many automotive PPC marketers are having great success using this strategy effectively when bidding on Adwords for automotive. We’ll go over some of the reasons why it’s a good idea.

Own Your Search Engine Results Page

When you bid on your branded searches, it helps you to show more listings on your search results page. More is always better, especially when a user is viewing your SERP. According to many automotive PPC marketing professionals, multiple results give the user more chances to click on your links, increasing click-through. When searchers see your listing appear in the organic and paid areas, they’ll come away with the impression that you’re well-regarded in your market segment.


dealership ppc biddingControl and Change Your Message

While you won’t pay anything for organic listings, you’re limited to the title, description and meta tags needed to create effective SEO. While this may succeed in getting you higher rankings and a better click-through rate (CTR), won’t allow you to tailor your messaging the way you can with automotive PPC search ads. Paid search ads also allow you to change your message as often as you like.

Give Your Customers More Information

Google Adwords for automotive lets you complement your ads with several ad extensions, including your dealership’s address, phone number, product images, user reviews and links to other pages on your website. You can get additional information on the best ways to use Google’s ad extensions by clicking here.

Defend Against Competitors

Competitors who are skilled in marketing strategies may bid on your brand name to try to steal your traffic and customers. Your customers may search for your brand, only to find your competitor’s ad above your organic listing. This could result in a decline in CTR for your listings, which translates into less traffic to your website. When you bid on your own brand name, you’ll own your brand’s SERP, and you’ll make it more expensive for competitors because they will need to place higher bids to outrank your brand.

ppc bidding brand nameBranded Terms are Inexpensive

If you’ve been looking for inexpensive keywords that yield a high search volume, look no further than your own brand name. Don’t stop with your dealership’d name. You should also consider bidding on the name of your products, and even your URL. These terms don’t cost a lot, and they’ll produce high Quality Scores and CTRs.

Receive High Quality Leads Close to Conversion

Those who are searching for your brand name are already familiar with your company. They may have heard about the company by word of mouth, researched you previously, or they may be return customers. They know your dealership has what they’re looking for, and they’re further along in the buying cycle than someone just looking up generic search terms.

Send Visitors to a Landing Page

When someone searches for your brand name, the link for the organic result will take them to your homepage. If you’re running a special promotion, you may want to send visitors to a different landing page. While this is difficult to do using organic search, a paid search ad allows you to send visitors to any page you choose, and you can change the page at any time. That’s a big bang for your buck.

automotive ppcBoost Your Overall Quality Score

When a customer searches for your brand, the results are very relevant, so the CTR and Quality Scores will be high. This saves you money, as Google rewards advertisers with high Quality Scores with lower cost-per-click (CPC), which will increase your account’s ROI.

Our Final Word

Hopefully, the reasons for bidding on your brand name are now clear. It’s an inexpensive way to get more control and flexibility for your brand’s SERP. If you’re reluctant to adopt this strategy, why not give it a try? Every PPC account is different, and there’s no way to know if this approach will be successful for your dealership until you test it.


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