Mary Lynch named Manager | Retail Performance for ZMOT Auto

Mary Lynch named Manager | Retail Performance for ZMOT Auto
Posted May 10, 2016 by Anthony Levine


Robert S. Powell 
Chief Performance Officer

ZMOT Auto ( Cardinale-Group ) 
Ms. Bobbie Herron
Director | Dealer Marketing

ZMOT Auto ( Cardinale-Group )     
Mary Lynch        
Manager | Retail Performance

ZMOT Auto ( Cardinale-Group )

MONTEREY, CA — the Cardinale-Group of companies is pleased to announce that Mary Lynch has been named Manager | Retail Performance of ZMOT Auto, effective immediately. In this role, Ms. Lynch will provide ‘Dealer to Dealer’ leadership of digital retail integration and performance management to ZMOT dealer clients within the United States, Canada and Mexico.

With more than 5 years of in store retail sales, marketing and operations experience, Mary is sure to provide ZMOT Auto dealer clients with remarkable guidance and success throughout their entire digital strategy.

“We are very pleased that Mary has chosen to join our ZMOT Auto team – we appreciate Mary’s tenacity, decisiveness and bold vision of continuous improvement within the automotive retail industry”, said Bobbie Herron, Director | Dealer Marketing of ZMOT Auto. “We know Mary as a process driven leader and are confident she will lend outstanding guidance and support to ZMOT Auto’s integrated retail solutions.”

As a high-performing retail sales professional in the United States, Mary’s commitment to excellence and precision have earned her increased responsibilities for many years.

“Having been blessed with a rewarding retail sales and development career and management; my focus has been to increase sales performance and maximize the ROI within each department of a dealership in both generation (marketing) and conversion (people & process).

Throughout the past many years, I have been privileged to observe the transformative growth of the Cardinale Group within their Automotive Operations as well as ZMOT Auto and have been nothing short of impressed by the culture of excellence and the performance management offered to exclusive ZMOT Auto customers. Joining the Cardinale-Group of companies / ZMOT Auto team; I am empowered to serve and support a Dealer-To-Dealer commitment, true to the CardinaleWay Brand Promise: We Develop Outstanding Relationships Where Everybody Wins.”

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The Cardinale-Group of companies consist of: the Cardinale Automotive Group (, with 19 retail automotive locations throughout California, Arizona and Nevada; ZMOT Automotive Digital Velocity ( ), integrated and weaponized digital retail performance solutions for automotive dealers within the United States, Canada and Mexico; and Cardinale AG Vehicle Supply – North America ( ), providing vehicle supply, acquisition, transportation and risk management services to automotive manufacturers for use in sales training ride & drive events, consumer marketing campaigns, engineering and product development initiatives.
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ZMOT Auto (a member of the Cardinale-Group of companies) was created by dealers for dealers and is recognized as the only digital-partner managed by active dealers. ZMOT is best known for providing tailor-designed digital sales solutions, 1:1 sales attribution and regional exclusivity for automotive dealerships within the United Stated, Canada and Mexico. ZMOT targets and delivers a buyer direct to the client-dealership through an integrated digital strategy focused on a ‘zero moment’ buyer action.  To learn more about a ‘zero moment’ solution, visit