Flick Fusion Video Webinar Featuring Ashley Mabery “Real Dealer… Real Processes… Great Results!"

ashley mabery of zmot

Flick Fusion Video Presents:
Real Dealer…Real Processes…Great Results!
May 25, 2017 at 2:00 EST

As the No. 1 Wards E-Dealer, the Cardinale Automotive Group is constantly looking for ways to spread its knowledge with others within the industry. Join Cardinale Automotive Group’s very own Ashley Mabery and Flick Fusion’s Ted DuPuy for a second installment of the interactive webinar series hosted by AutoSuccess; “Real Dealer…Real Processes…Great Results! #2”. The success of the first webinar can we solely credited to you, our audience! As we broadcast via live video, you the audience will be able to both engage and interact with us, along with guiding the flow of the webinar with mid-presentation questions.

We will address real problems that dealerships face on a day-to-day basis. In turn, we will discuss real solutions to these problems. Similar to the first webinar, you will have a long list of takeaways that you can apply to your dealership.

We are confident that once this engaging, interactive webinar comes to an end, you will have a better understanding of what processes hinder or contribute to the success of your dealership.  Some of these processes you may already be doing, but other processes can be implemented immediately in order to put your dealership on the right track for sustained success.

May 25th at 2:00PM EST
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    Ashley Mabery

    Director | Retail Performance at ZMOT Auto (part of the Cardinale Automotive Group of Companies)

    Ms. Mabery is responsible for leading retail performance operations through a #DealerToDealer integrated digital retail sales solutions throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Ms. Mabery a 14-year retail automotive sales and marketing veteran having served as a +25 unit per month retail sales associate, BDC/Marketing Director, Internet Sales Director and Sales Manager within a variety of import and luxury manufacturer retail dealer groups within a variety of metro markets of the western United States.


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