Erich K. Gail Session at DealerSocket User Summit 2016 Day 1

Erich K. Gail Session at DealerSocket User Summit 2016 Day 1
Posted September 22, 2016 by admin

Erich K. Gail, CEO | Cardinale Group of Companies gave two stupendous presentations at the DealerSocket User Summit (#DSUS) 2016! Just in case you missed his workshop on Day 1, here is some video footage:

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Live Presentation Date:
October 03, 2016
4.00pm – 4.50pm

As Dealers, we are focus on 10,000 little things done right each and every day – the operational complexity of our industry continues to evolve – hear from an industry leader of an award winning Automotive Group who will share compelling insights and immediate-actionable-items which will provide recurring gains in unit sales, transaction gross and net profit.

Dealer Principals, Sr. Leadership, Platform Executives, General Managers and General Sales Managers can use the presentation to enhance existing in-store sales and fulfillment process(es). Increase appointment show rate, close rate and transaction gross with a focus on in-Market Buyer retail strategies.

About the Speaker

Erich K. GailErich K. Gail
Chief Operating Officer | Cardinale-Group of Companies
Mr. Gail is the Chief Executive Officer of the Cardinale Automotive Group; Chief Executive Officer of Cardinale AG Vehicle Supply Group and Chief Executive Officer of ZMOT Automotive Digital Velocity.
Mr. Gail is a 27-year veteran of the global automotive industry having served in a variety of executive and senior leadership roles within a vast array of management and investment groups.
Mr. Gail has extensive experience developing new business operations as well as enhancing the performance of mature organizations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, China, Korea and Japan.

About Cardinale-Group of Companies
The Cardinale-Group of Companies consist of: the Cardinale Automotive Group (, with 19 retail automotive locations throughout California, Arizona and Nevada – currently the #2 Highest Sales Volume eDealer Group in North America; ZMOT Auto Digital Velocity, integrated and weaponized digital retail performance solutions for automotive dealers within the United States, Canada and Mexico; and Cardinale AG Vehicle Supply – North America ( ), providing vehicle supply, acquisition, transportation and risk management services to automotive manufacturers for use in sales training ride & drive events, consumer marketing campaigns, engineering and product development initiatives.