Erich K. Gail Reveals His Internet Battle Plan

Erich K. Gail Reveals His Internet Battle Plan
Posted February 26, 2019 by admin

As the Chief Executive Officer of the Cardinale-Group of Companies, Erich K. Gail leads the Cardinale Automotive Group, Cardinale AG Vehicle Supply Group, Cardinale Holdings Group, including ZMOT Automotive Digital Velocity, and the Blessed to Serve Foundation. Gail has been accumulating knowledge of the global automotive industry for 28 years. He will be sharing this knowledge at Internet Battle Plan on March 4th, 2019 as the keynote speaker of the session titled: 2019! – Winning & Growing in a Challenging Market.

The automotive industry is continuously facing a variety of challenges, including consolidation, market disruptors, and erosion of gross. These challenges are not only occurring on a yearly basis, but with each passing quarter throughout the year.

What:  Internet Battle Plan
Where: Clearwater Beach Marriot
               1201 Gulf Blvd.
              Clearwater Beach, FL. 33767 
When:  March 4th, 2019
Time:    4:30 PM

Challenges like these are not something to run away from. Gail will present how these challenges are tremendous opportunities for innovation and growth, resulting in an unfair advantage for a dealer. Gail’s insights and immediate-actionable-items will support a dealer in their pursuit to win and grow in a challenging market. The operational complexity of the automotive industry and a dealer’s role in it continues to change, so this information from an industry leader of an award-winning automotive group is something you must take advantage of at Internet Battle Plan.

Any representative from a dealership can gain important knowledge from Gail’s presentation. The positions that will benefit the most are Dealer Principals, Senior Leadership, Platform Executives, General Managers, and General Sales Managers. Once 2019! – Winning & Growing in a Challenging Market concludes, attendees will gain the necessary tools to enhance and increase, unit sales, operating gross, and net profit results.