Erich Gail on ZMOT Auto

Erich Gail on ZMOT Auto
Posted April 27, 2015 by admin

MONTEREY, CA – Erich K. Gail, COO of the Cardinale-Group of Companies, gave a great interview the other day at the 2015 Denver Automotive Summit. He spoke about how the Cardinale-Group has become the #5 (now #4) Highest Sales Volume eDealer in North America through ZMOT Auto!

Gail stressed the importance of a dealer-first focus with a management-driven culture. This enables ZMOT Auto techniques to be fully utilized without ridiculous amounts of spend.

During the interview, he also touched on using a CRM as a nucleus for attribution, having a custom inventory and investment tool, mastery of phone skills, continuous training for associates and management, and, of course, a strong commitment to zero moment retail. All these things together make up a dealership group that is fully enabled to take advantage of ZMOT Auto techniques.

Finally, Gail stressed the importance of family within the Cardinale-Group, mentioning as an example how every employee and manager have books they must read along with the rest of the group to help everyone grow to their fullest potential. This kind of mindset fits in perfectly with the zero moment way of doing things, with the most unified and best possible staff ready to utilize the fully weaponized strategy provided by ZMOT Auto.

Watch the full interview here: