Avoiding Vendor Overload – Digital Dealer 23 Panel Teaches Vendor How Best To Reach Them

Avoiding Vendor Overload – Digital Dealer 23 Panel Teaches Vendor How Best To Reach Them
Posted October 3, 2017 by admin

Digital Dealer 23 was packed full of dealerships and vendors alike, with vendors actively pitching their products to each dealer they encountered. Each vendor proclaims that their software is the key to increasing the efficiency of a dealership, but with so many vendors in the mix it is easy for dealers to feel overwhelmed, yes vendor overload is a real thing. As dealers continuously hear pitches during and well after the conference, it is easy for them to feel overloaded. One panel at Digital Dealer 23 decided to provide valuable insight and knowledge on how to have a more effective pitch and what to avoid as a vendor.

Digital Dealer 23 Panel Discusses Vendor Overload

Erich K Gail ZMOTErich K. Gail, CEO of the Cardinale Automotive Group, was among the representatives on the panel. Joining Gail was the CEO of Preston Automotive Group, Dave Wilson, the president of Eide Motors, Jesse Peterson, and the moderator and vice president of Forrest & Blake Advertising, Frank Lopes. Gail explained that as a dealer it is frustrating when a vendor signs up a competing dealership and then walks across the street in an attempt to sign him up as well. Gail stated: “We are tired. We as an industry are exhausted with the sales rep that comes scooting across the street after having just closed the Honda store. And they come flying in unannounced saying you need to sign up.”

It becomes even more irritating when you don’t hear from the vendor at the end of the month when they are needed the most. Gail proclaims that “timing is crucial” in setting up the dealership for optimized success. He further explains that as marketing becomes more and more granular, it is important that vendors are not vague with the statistics that their software provides, but rather have a clear and concise approach that can show a dealership the benefits in a five-minute pitch. Since time is precious, especially to dealers, it is important that if a dealer only has a minute or two to talk, do not start with a long, detailed presentation, but rather a quick pitch.

You May Be The Best But Cold Calling May Not Work

Another thing that vendors should avoid is cold-calling a dealership. Cold-calling seems to happen at the worst times possible, so dealers would rather avoid it. Jesse Peterson from Eide Motors said that the best way to grab his attention is through a 20 Group Meeting.

Lastly, it is vital that vendors do not just sign and forget. A vendor needs to be there for every one of the dealerships it consults at all times. One a dealership partners with a vendor, they expect consulting advice that will better their business.

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