Cardinale-Group at Digital Dealer 20

Cardinale-Group at Digital Dealer 20
Posted January 21, 2016 by admin

The Cardinale Group definitely were in attendance in January 2016 at Digital Dealer 20 in Orlando, FL. Many officers from Cardinale and ZMOT Auto were there with helpful and informative presentations. These included effective ways to view branding, marketing and internal processes for dealerships seeking to find the most effective ways to use technology to increase their sales velocity.

ZMOT’s Retail Performance Manager Ashley Mabery was in attendance at the dealership conference presenting on Building Your Best BDC. Topics ranged from learning how to effectively build and manage a process-driven, high-performing Internet Sales / BDC / Marketing Department to discovering ways to increase Direct Units Sales, Gross and Net and increasing performance and ROI to ensure success in a dealership.

Erich K Gail, CEO of the Cardinale Group of Companies, gave his own presentation at Digital Dealer 20: “ZERO MOMENT Retail – Sales, Science & Success of Retail Automotive Sales”. Topics included learning how to increase appointment show rate, close rate and transaction gros, define and weaponize in-market buyer targeting and align digital marketing to ZERO MOMENT Retail with a one-click / one-call pathway direct-to-dealer.

See videos below of Cardinale Group and ZMOT Auto members speaking to the crowd in Orlando regarding these various topics.

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