BLACK FRIDAY Deals For A Strong November Close and Fast-Start to December

BLACK FRIDAY Deals For A Strong November Close and Fast-Start to December
Posted November 15, 2019 by admin

BLACK(INK) FRIDAY = Build and Inspire Excitement for a Strong November Close and Fast-Start to December

Craft your buyer message to inspire action

Black Friday – and so it begins – the Holiday Selling Season is upon us….these are exciting times for Family, Friends and Funtastic, are you and your teams ready?

Do you recognize Black Friday as one of our highest performing selling weekends of the year? Find out how successful holiday blitzes are here.

As buyers and consumers, as we fast approach Black Friday and the launch of the Holiday Selling Season, we know what’s coming – an absolute avalanche of messaging and offers to stimulate our minds and grab our attention.

As Dealer’s, are WE ready? – Are WE creating messaging and offers to stimulate the minds and grab the attention of OUR buyers?

Have we gathered our teams of associates, who of course are also going to be targeted and shopping for products and services, gifts and items this coming season – have we asked them, “what grabs your attention? What messaging do you respond to? What differentiators are you looking for?”

As we’ve all heard and live each day in our markets, “When we’re all Family-Owned, #1 in the Market, Highest Sales Volume, Lowest prices, etc etc etc” – what makes us different?

For Black Friday, what does in fact make us different?

These are the questions to ask, of ourselves, of our teams and working with our marketing partners.

Trying to avoid the cliché of “Think outside the box” – why not? We all know each year, someone in our market will craft a “Why didn’t we think of that?” message or promotion, and they’ll have a great time doing it. A great time in that the entire team was involved, they had fun, and their guests and buyers had fun too….funny thing is, in having fun, we all enjoy the magic moment together.

So then, what’s it going to be?

Think beyond the OEM rebates, LMA messaging, national, regional and local discounts – THINK “YOU”, “THINK US”, “THINK LIKE A BUYER.”

The Zero Moment of marketing leads us all to, “I know what I want, I know why I want it”, the question is “where am I going to get it?”

For us, as Dealer’s the answer should be “with us” – only, did we ask for it?, did we message to our buyers a compelling thought, idea or differentiator?

Find what in your store, your team, your brand, is fun, different and most importantly, what the entire team is ready ( with smiles on their faces ) to fully support.

Is it always just a discount?, rebate? Or incentive? – OR – is it those elements COMBINED with an amazing experience, fun or even silly?

Buying a new-to-me vehicle is and should always be a fun experience, shouldn’t it?

Remember: As a buyer, this vehicle is the culmination of a dream and desire I’ve had for a while, a moment I have long thought about and a feeling I only get when this happens every few years….let’s make that moment, a “WOW Moment.”

While everyone else unleashing the ‘same-same’ messaging, work with your team, work with your marketing partners and craft a “unique” message – one that you all can and will happily deliver on.

Once you have created your unique message, let the buyers know – target, deliver and support this message: “here, now” and most importantly “why – this Black Friday, this year, this month, now, is the moment, and we ( our entire team ) are ready to make it a “WOW!”

Just as we invite of our buyers, commit YOUR efforts now – here and now – at the beginning of November. Build to it, every touch-point from the incoming phone calls, to the internet form submissions, to our outbound follow-up calls and to the in-store guests – and do so with a smile on your face.

Take the time find your message – deliver a WOW Moment to our guests and buyers and Black Ink will be earned throughout the entire Black Friday weekend.

Our time is now – these next few weeks will be very exciting and inspire a successful November and fast-start December.

“Pass the cranberry sauce please”