Automotive Video Marketing Tips To Entice Buyers

Auto Dealer Video Marketing


Automotive Video Marketing

While using video as part of your automotive marketing strategy isn’t a new concept, there are productive and nonproductive ways to incorporate video effectively. If your dealership isn’t using video properly as part of your marketing efforts, you may be wasting time and money. We offer the following tips to help you determine the best way to develop an automotive video marketing strategy,

Video Content to Boost SEO

Blog posts are an effective way to leverage your dealership’s SEO efforts but don’t ignore the value of automotive video marketing. Video content provides an SEO boost, while at the same time offering useful information to visitors to your website or blog, which is key to bringing them into your showroom. A helpful, short video provides prospects with the information they’re looking for in the way they want to receive it. Additionally, Google now frequently ranks videos ahead of websites and blogs in search results.

Automotive Video ContentWalk-through Videos

Walk-through videos are a great way to get valuable information on your dealership’s inventory to prospective customers. A good walk-through should be short and simple, highlighting the best features of the vehicle. The videos should incorporate a professional-sounding voiceover. Don’t worry if you don’t have expensive video equipment. You can put together an effective walk-through as part of your automotive video marketing using a high-quality smartphone. Once you’ve created the videos, there are several platforms you can use to share them with prospects, including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Your VDP is also a great place for a walk-through video.

Don’t Neglect the Service Department

We’ve covered how automotive video marketing can help your dealership drive traffic to the showroom. It’s also a great way to bring customers to your service department. Videos detailing owner maintenance, warning signs to watch for and hot/cold weather maintenance tips are a natural fit for bringing customers to your dealership’s service center. Ask the service staff which questions they hear most frequently and create a series of videos that provide answers.

Create Staff Profiles

We’re all familiar with the staff photos on a dealership’s About web page, and they’re great as far as it goes. But why not take it one step further with short videos of the staff? Profile videos increase customer engagement with your salespeople. Visitors to your website appreciate the ability to learn more about the personalities of the employees.

Mobile Video

Mobile video is an important component of an effective automotive video marketing strategy. Video is a natural complement to mobile devices. Your prospects are three times more likely to watch a video on a mobile device than a desktop computer, so it’s important to optimize your website for mobile viewing. Customize videos for the various mobile platforms. Short videos are perfect for reaching prospects who are looking to buy a new vehicle but have yet to actively start researching. You might create a video that explains the pros and cons of buying vs. leasing and then direct the viewer to your website for more information.

Using these tips can set your dealership apart from competitors, increase engagement with potential customers and position your dealership as an industry leader.




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