Automotive Social Media Marketing

Improve Your Automotive Social Media Marketing and Presence

ZMOT can help your dealership receive more web traffic. Automotive social media marketing allows you to interact with potential and current customers on the popular platforms buyers use every day. This drives more traffic to your website. Social media use is now at record levels and is predicted to continue to grow — that’s why posting on platforms like Facebook, Twitter is an important method of attracting followers who will follow links back to your website and check out your inventory.

Social Media marketing campaigns deliver content that’s pertinent to your dealership, including up-to-date information relating to the automotive manufacturer and your dealership’s services. More importantly, it’s information that your customers will find engaging and compelling. After all, there’s no point supplying content that no one wants to read. Readers will interact with your social media posts and visit your dealership while they’re involved in the car-buying process. You’ll enjoy a deeper level of trust with potential customers and your community.

What Our Automotive Social Media Marketing Includes

We provide the following services as part of your comprehensive social media marketing campaign:

  • Regular posting to your dealership’s social media accounts
  • Periodic topical posts that will ensure your social media feeds are active and up-to-date
  • Relevant automotive industry news designed to keep your social media posts fresh and engaging

Reasons to Choose ZMOT Digital Media’s Social Media Posting

There are many reasons to choose ZMOT to manage your dealership’s social media marketing campaign, including:

  • We deliver up-to-the-minute, SEO-friendly content that will increase your social media influence.
  • We can supply social media posts that are integrated with your automotive SEO content and blogs.
  • Our fresh, topical information and news establishes you as an authority and drives traffic to your dealership’s website.

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