Automotive SEO Content

Content Is King

Like other markets, content is crucial for SEO success in the automotive sales space. Offering unique automotive SEO content is an essential component of your dealership’s overall marketing strategy. One recent study has shown the average visitors to a website stay on the site for less than a minute. Providing high-quality content generates interest and gives users a reason to stay on your site.

ZMOT Auto, produces automotive SEO content created especially for car dealers that uses targeted keywords that customers search for while they are researching cars and during the buying stage. Our keywords and phrases are the result of careful analysis based on words and phrases car buyers are actually searching for. This increases the chances that prospective customers will find your dealership when they are in the market for a car and are actively looking for the vehicles you sell.

ZMOT knows what it takes it takes to create an effective SEO strategy for auto dealers, one that provides you with an advantage over your competitors. We produce unique content that serves a dual function, supporting your overall SEO campaign, while providing information visitors to your website will find both useful and engaging.

Here’s a summary of some of the types of automotive SEO content we provide:

  • Vehicle Reviews: We create unique reviews of the vehicles sold at your dealership. These articles contain keywords designed to help your dealership’s SEO campaign, while remaining informative and enjoyable to read. Our reviews cover the vehicle’s basics, new features, trim levels, available engines, fuel economy, technology features and much more. Potential customers will come away with useful information they can use to determine which models best suit their needs.
  • Descriptions of Your Dealership’s Departments: Your dealership sells and leases new and used cars, but there are other key areas of the business that interact with your customers, including service, parts and finance. We’ll explain how each of these departments function and outline the different services they provide. Customers are directed to areas of your website where they can get more information, order parts and apply for financing.
  • Blog Articles About Local Events: Is your community having a parade or some other important event? We’ll create a blog article centered around the event that shows your dealership’s support and demonstrates its commitment to the community. Whether it’s an entertainment event, a historic anniversary or some other local occasion, we’ll notify your potential customers with timely information.

A recent study showed the average auto buyer spends about 12 hours searching the Internet when it’s time to buy a car. The Internet is the most important source consumers turn to when they research a vehicle. That’s why a content-centered SEO effort is so important. Remember, an effective SEO campaign isn’t a shortcut. Automotive SEO content is part of a concerted effort that takes time to be effective.

If you’re not getting the results you want from your current marketing program, contact us today to find out how we can help you with focused, highly readable, informative content tailored for your dealership as part of a comprehensive SEO package.



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