Ashley Mabery – DD20 Session “Start At Start: Building Your Best BDC”

Ashley Mabery – DD20 Session “Start At Start: Building Your Best BDC”
Posted January 27, 2016 by admin

Strategies to Building an Effective and Highly Profitable BDC

Primary Learning Objectives:
• Learn about department structure and key responsibilities.
• Gain management skills and strategies for long-term success.
• Learn about profitability metrics and guidelines.

Session Description: Learn how to turn your Business Maintenance Department into a Business Development Department. In this session, I will uncover the Best Practices to building a BDC from the ground up; from structure to pay plans and managing long-term effectiveness and profitability.

Speaker Bio: Ashley Mabery is the Manager of Retail Performance of ZMOT Auto (a member of the Cardinale-Group), she is responsible for leading the retail performance teams serving digital retail operations of dealer groups and single point stores throughout the United States and Canada. She is a 13-year retail automotive sales and marketing veteran. She has served as a +25 unit per month retail sales associate, BDC/Marketing Director, Internet Sales Director and Sales Manager within a variety of manufacturers including Mercedes and Lexus across metro markets of the Western United States.

See Ashley’s presentation at DD20 in the below video: