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Capture buyers at the exact, critical moment when they are ready to pull the trigger (The Zero Moment of Truth). Many marketing agencies will try to sell you on more “leads”—but if these “leads” are not specifically looking for what you can provide them right now, you are throwing advertising money away. We bring your dealership and inventory to the top of search results by using advanced search engine marketing strategies so the type of vehicle your buyer is searching for (long tail / dynamic inventory marketing), their location (geo-fencing), and related past online behavior (retargeting) are all accounted for. We then match their search query with the right messaging and content to capture their click to your website. We also capitalize on past marketing campaigns you’ve already invested in by targeting these consumers again—consumers who are more likely to buy from you since they have engaged with your campaigns before and are therefore familiar with your brand. Should a consumer leave your website without submitting a lead, we will deliver them back to your website to convert them to a direct action: a call, chat, or website inquiry that matches what you can deliver to them.

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