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Car Dealer Inventory AcquisitionInventory acquisition is about locating and acquiring inventory that contributes to a large ROI. As a dealer to dealer partner, we know you need to buy the inventory that gives you the largest ROI in the shortest amount of time. By utilizing data from your inventory management and CRM systems, ZMOT Auto searches through private party listings to help you find the most profitable vehicles for you to purchase, as well as the vehicles with the highest turnover. Our platform searches multiple websites whose inventories and prices are updated in real-time.

The Inventory Acquisition platform at ZMOT Auto does this affordably with our easy-to-use provisioning platform. This tool allows you to search vehicles by make, model, year range and/or price. With the wide range of filters, you can tailor your searches to your dealership’s needs. The platform is also capable of finding vehicles by zip code in a user-defined radius. Since our platform has the capability to see the top-selling vehicles at your dealership, you can further facilitate your vehicle search. Lastly, by being able to save as many different searches as you would like, the quest for purchasing the right inventory is effortless.

It may seem like a complicated platform to learn, but ZMOT Auto has made it easy. Our staff is hands-on with the setup of the platform, implementation, and training of your team so that the procurement of new inventory is just a few clicks away.